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nur noch einen Monat

hm, heute in einem Monat werd ich schon wieder in Deutschland sein... komme glaub irgendwann am Vormittag an.

In A Month

A year has past and we now stand on the brink of returning to a world where we are surrounded by the paradox of everything and yet, nothing being the same.
In a month we will reluctantly give our hugs, fight the tears and say goodbye to the people who were once just names on a sheet of paper, to return to the people that we hugged and fought tears to say goodbye to before we ever left.
We will leave our best friends to return to our best friends. We will go back to the same places we came from and go back to the same things we did last summer and every summer before. We will come into town on that same familiar road, and even though it has been months, it will only seem like yesterday.
As you walk into your old bedroom, every emotion will pass through you as you reflect on the way your life has changed and the person you have become.
You suddenly realize that the things that were most important to you a year ago, don’t seem to matter so much anymore, and the things you hold highest now, no one at home will completely understand.
Who will you call first? What will you do on your first weekend home with your friends? Where are you going to work or what university will you attend? Who will be at the party Saturday night? What has everyone been up to in the past few months? Who from school will you keep in touch with? How long before you actually start missing people barging in without calling or knocking?
Then you start to realize how much things have changed, and you realize the hardest part of being an exchange student is balancing the two completely different worlds you now live in, trying desperately to hold on to everything, all the while trying to figure out what you have to leave behind.
We now know the true meaning of friendship. We know who we have kept in touch with over the past year and who we hold dearest to our hearts. We have had our hearts broken, we have fallen in love, we have helped our best friends overcome problems, depression, stress and pain. We have given hugs and support.
We have stayed up all night on the phone just to talk to a friend in need. There have been times when we have felt so helpless being hours away from home, when we know our families and friends needed us the most and there are times when we know we made a difference.
A month from now we will leave, a month from now we will take down our pictures and pack our clothes. No more going next door to do nothing for hours on end.
A month from now, we will leave our best friends whose random e-mails and phone calls will bring us to laughter and tears this summer, and hopefully years to come.
A month from now, we will take down our memories and dreams and put them away, saving them for our return to this world.
A month from now we will arrive. A month from now we will unpack our bags and have dinner with our families. We will go to our best friend’s house and do nothing for hours on end.
A month from now, we will return to the same friends whose random e-mails and phone calls brought us to laughter and tears over the past year.
A month from now, we will unpack our old dreams and memories that have been put away for the past year.
A month from now, we will dig deep inside ourselves to find the strength and conviction to adjust to change and still keep each other close.
And somehow, in someway, we will find our place between these two worlds.
In a month...

~unknown author <3
22.5.07 18:34

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